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Parchment Paper

Food Grade Products

Glassine Paper


  • We stock glassine paper as thin as 25# and as thick as 55#.
  • Our Glassine paper is a super-calendared paper that is grease resistant, has a high resistance to the passage of air, and is almost impervious to the passage of water vapor.
  • Glassine is a very smooth, glossy paper and can be produced so that it transparent, or semi-transparent, bleached or even colored (ie: blue, red, green).
  • This stock also has a neutral PH and is approved for use in archival purposes.
  • This paper is available in either roll form, sheet form or die cut pieces.
  • Applications in which this stock is used are: envelope windows, carton windows, art/artwork packaging, archiving, food packaging and baking.
Waxed Paper

Waxed Paper

Industrial Grades & Applications:
  • Dry waxed kraft paper: 20/24#, 25/30#, 30/35#, 40/48#, 50/62#, 60/75#, 70/85#
  • Waxed two sides kraft paper: 20/32#, 25/37#, 30/44#, 40/57#, 50/70#, 60/90#
  • Waxed one side kraft paper: 30/38#, 40/48#, 50/60#, 60/70#
  • Semi waxed kraft paper: 20/27#, 25/33#, 30/41#
  • Various roll widths, roll diameters, core sizes, sheets and die cut pieces are all available.
  • We offer both 100% recycled and 100% virgin base kraft paper grades.
  • Used primarily as interleavers, moisture barriers, steel wrapping, product wrappers, pallet liners and abrasion protection applications.
Food Processing Grades & Applications:
  • Dry waxed bleached paper: 18/21#, 21/25#, ...
Kraft Paper


Papertec is now pleased to offer its customers quality recycled and virgin kraft paper rolls. Are you tired of getting shorted or cheated on yield by your current supplier? Are long lead times and material availability constantly an issue? Has your pricing continue to climb over the past year? Have you been experiencing continuous paper quality issues? Get rid of all those problems and headaches. We guarantee you will be more than satisfied with the quality of our paper and the service you will receive. Trial rolls are available to you upon request. We will even set up personalized stocking programs that will enable you to have access to material when you need it. NO MORE WAITING! If you have any questions or need more information one of ...


Chipboard, Linerboard, Clay Coated Board, SBS, Poly Coated Board, Pasted Chipboard

We inventory numerous grades of chipboard, clay coated board, poly coated board, linerboard, sbs and matte board. We work with board mills across the U.S. and Canada to ensure a variety of products to our customers. We supply both virgin and recycled prime board as well as odd lot, mis-spec and side trim stock. We can offer a variety of calipers ranging from 0.012" up 0.350". We can also supply pasted chip (chipboard that is laminated together) in any caliper you need.

We carry kraft base (brown) and news base (grey) chip. We can also supply both of those grades with a clay coating. We also stock white one side (vat ...
Silicone Release Films

Silicone Release Paper

  • Most of our films are also available with silicone release coatings. We have films that are coated on one or two sides. We can adjust our release levels to meet even the most stringent specifications.
  • Our release levels vary from easy to tight and can be adjusted or formulated to meet specific needs. We do offer products that are solvent silicone coated and products that are solvent-less silicone polymer coated.
  • Commonly stocked release coated substrates include polyethylene (HDPE, MDPE or LDPE), polypropylene, polystyrene and polyester films.
  • We can produce these films in roll sizes as narrow as 1/2" up to approximately 65" wide as well in sheets or die cut pieces.
  • Our films are used in a wide ...
Parchment Paper

Parchment Paper

  • Genuine vegetable parchment papers ranging from 25#, 30#, 35#, 45# and 55# basis weights.
  • Genuine Vegetable Parchment is the premier sheet in the bakery market. Its release characteristics, heat resistance, grease resistance and wet strength mesh quite well with the needs of bakeries.
  • Siliconized parchment papers on one or two sides in release level range from easy to tight.
  • Greaseproof papers are available in a variety of colors.
  • Custom printing is available on many grades (but are subject to minimum order requirements).
  • Our papers are FDA approved for direct food contact.
  • Various roll widths, roll diameters, core sizes, sheets and die cut pieces are all available.
  • Our ...
Specialty Films

Specialty Films

PAPERTEC is a growing player in the film industry. We offer a variety of coated and uncoated films ranging from polyester, polystyrene,polypropylene, and polyethylene (HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE), Nylon, PVC, Vinyl, and Polyolefin . We have different levels of releases, various different treatments, as well as various colors clarities.
Keen - Seal Reinforced, Paper Carton Sealing Tape

Carton Sealing Tape

PAPERTEC has now added a high quality line of packing tapes to its inventory. This tape has great strength and comes to you at bargain prices. This tape is offered in two colors, whie or natural. These tapes can also be printed (in various colors) with your company name, logo, or product information.
Board Stock

Board Stock

  • We can produce board stocks up to 0.125" thick.
  • SBS (solid bleached sulphate).
  • Clay coated (news, kraft, white back).
  • Chipboard (plain ship, bending chip, coated chip).
  • Plugboard.
  • Polycoated board-Food/medical grade, one side or two side coated.
  • Acid free boards for archival and book cover stock.
  • Book Cover stock.
  • All of our board stock is available in rolls, sheets or die cut pieces.
  • Prime and Odd lot materials are available.
Polycoated Paper

Polycoated Paper

  • We offer a variety of coated substrates ranging from 8# tissue up to 140# kraft.
  • Resins that we have available to coat with are: low density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene, ionomers, metallocene, polypropylene, EVA, EMA, acid copolymers, colors, and additive packages.
  • We are also able to produce custom printed and coated papers in a variety of colors and styles.
  • FDA approved stocks for medical use and direct food contact.
  • Our poly coated stocks are heat sealable.
  • Various roll widths, roll diameters, core sizes, sheets and die cut pieces are all available.
  • Prime and odd lot stock is available.
  • Applications ...
Offset/Bond Paper

Offset/Bond Paper

  • Bleached offset, 30# to 70# basis weights.
  • Opaque offset, high brightness.
  • Colored offset and bond grades are available.
  • Excellent for printing and coating applications.
  • Various roll widths, roll diameters, core sizes, sheets and die cut pieces are all available.
  • Prime and odd lot stock is available.
Onion Skin Paper

Onion Skin Paper

  • A very unique specialty paper. Onion skin gets its name because it is a very thin and translucent (a 9# basis weight).
  • It is available only with a smooth finish.
  • It is available in standard white.
  • Our typical grade of onion skin paper is used for writing, typing or stationary.
  • We also have a specialized grade of onion skin that is approved for use by the US government and meets military spec P-157A. This particular grade is used in the production of military flares, munitions, and detonators.
  • Both grades of onion skin paper are available in cut sheets or die cut pieces.
Release Paper


  • We have a variety of siliconized papers in basis weights ranging from 25# up to 110#.
  • Bleached and natural colors are available in a range of releases from very easy to tight.
  • We have a selection of solvent and solvent-less silicone coated papers. EV/UV cured coatings are also available.
  • Non silicone and quillon release papers are also made in a wide range of thicknesses.
  • Color tinted coatings are available, but subject to minimum order quantities.
  • FDA approved for direct food contact and medical grade applications are available.
  • Various roll widths, roll diameters, core sizes, sheets and die cut pieces are all available.
  • Our release papers are used in the shingle/roofing ...
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